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Lasercomb Open House
from 6th to 7th June 2024

During these days we will inform you about the latest developments in our laser machines and introduce a completely redeveloped generation of digital cutting machines. 

Our partner Arden Software will show the current range:

Arden Software          Impact CAD Software,

Our teams from Sales, Service and Technology will be available at the different machines for presentations and discussions. We will be pleased to arrange further appointments with you for an individual dialog.

Our reliable Catering-Team will take care of your well-being and make sure that you enjoy this part of your stay as well.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our Open House 2024.

Overview of the exhibited systems:

MTL 2115 NEO Lasersystem

Our completely newly designed MTL Neo flatbed system. Let yourself be surprised.

ProRot 3000 Lasersystem

We introduce a fully equipped rotary laser machine. For the first time, internal diameters of up to 808 mm can be processed in the standard version. The machine has a 3000 W laser source. The additional optional milling axis is complemented by a tool changer with 4 tool positions and height scanning. An automatic screwing unit is integrated for screwing the shells together. Automated collision detection avoids milling at screw positions. The system becomes even more productive thanks to high-speed engraving on rotary trays.

PTS NEO 3015 R

Our proven flatbed and rotary combination laser. The concept has been revised in important parts, including a further improved rotation clamping, a changed axis concept in the X and Y directions and many advantageous improvements in detail. On the rotary side, various options such as milling, screwing, high-speed engraving and inner diameter up to 808 mm are available. Milling can also be carried out on the flatbed side.


The height-adjustable engraving unit allows different materials to be processed at different heights.

CLS Lasersystem

Fixed beam and moving table is the idea of the cross table systems. There is nothing to change about that. However, we have replaced the ball screws previously used with modern helical toothed racks and thus achieve more dynamics and greater smoothness in parts of the movement space. The measuring system in the Z axis has been revised. A new generation of controls together with a newly designed user interface take this tried and tested machine type further into the future.

In this context, we can also offer expanded analysis options in remote maintenance. In addition, a variety of additional options are available that further increase the efficiency and productivity of the system.


FBL Lasersystem

A flatbed system with a standing table and moving axes. This design saves space, reduces the moving masses and allows high acceleration values.

CMS digital cutting system for samples and small series

Lasercomb has developed a new generation of digital processing systems for sample making and small series production. The machine is integrated into the customer network and has a comfortable user interface with remote maintenance function. As a multifunctional system, the CMS enables the processing of all types of cardboard with tangential and oscillating tools. In addition, a variety of other materials can be cut, grooved and milled.

In addition, a camera system is available, for example for registering print marks, supported by the powerful digital finishing software OptiScout.

RCS 1010 rubber cutting mashine

Compact system with a small space requirement specially developed for rubber cutting with an oscillating knife, which allows the processing of rubber mats in full size of 1000 x 1000 mm.

ProCount 2113

Powerful and highly productive milling system for the production of stamping plates and Pertinax counter finishes. The robust overall concept counteracts vibrations and promotes high precision. Spray lubrication for steel processing enables long tool life. With a 3D measuring probe, dimensioned cutting shapes can be precisely measured and recorded.


Thanks to the newly developed interchangeable bending sleeve system the ECO GIANT allows you to work with different thicknesses and rule heights. With the changeover from one rule thickness/height to anoher completed within minutes, it makes the ECOGIANT the most versatile auto bender avalible on the market.