Heavy duty high rule manufacturing goes automatic!

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Eco2.0 is the evolution of one of the most popular diemaking machine in the world: The Ecologica.

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EcoPlus is the latest bending machine from Serviform. Years of experience and developments in digital die making are reaching the top with this machine which is putting together the best of the two bending worlds

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EcoGiant is faster and more accurate thanks to the new bending system with bend last system.

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A full automatic machine expressly designed for top range diemakers

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Rotax and RotaxPlus have been the landmarks of rotary dieshop automation. Now with RotaNeXt we raised the bar, the future is here

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The  stacker  is  able  to  work  with most of Serviform bending machines in complete autonomy increasing the level of automation of the diemaker factory

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