Creasing and straight rule production made easy

  • straight cut
  • bridges
  • perforating rule
  • cut/crease rule
  • straight cut with gaps on creasing rule
  • deformation
  • dovetail cutting (combo cut and crease)
  • scribing

IntegraCrease is a centralised system to process cutting rule, creasing rule and laser crease rule for cutting dies in the packaging industry.  IntegraCrease can work cutting and creasing rule, it is equipped with a sorting unit to collect cut steel rule in an automatic way. 
IntegraCrease is working with the latest development of our die preparation software Based upon Windows® OS.  The  PC  takes only  information from the  graphic environment. Machine control is now managed by industrial PLC.

IntegraCrease special software features allow to the operator to program the creasing rule in remote from different Serviform machines. This way all the creasing rule and the straight cutting lines can be done by this centralized punching machine. As the other machines of the Serviform production the press unit is fully electric and the power requirements are reduced to the minimum.