The company was founded by Dr. Ulmer and Mr. Holder. In the following time they developed – based on a prototype of a laser cutting machine for cutting die manufacture – a concept till.


The first production plant could be installed in Jugoslawien.

The range of products was extended by a variety of machines for cutting die manufacture. The new developments contained hydraulic bending units for rule preparation, the first generation of sample plotters and the first CAD software. During this time the automatization in cutting die manufacture was increasing and Lasercomb became the first pioneer and an innovative partner with global presence for most of their customers. The company enlarged till an amount of 60 employees.  

Lasercomb got sold by the founders to Chiron Werke in Tuttlingen. Since Chiron Werke were mechanical engineers themselves there existed a lot of ideas for joint developments. Subsequently Lasercomb developed metalworking machinery. We still benefit from the experiences made in this segment to some extent.

Continous development on product offering. New automated systems for rule preparation. Over these years the laser systems experienced a fundamental reengineering. The cross table CLS and the combined flat and rotation system PTS was generated. Finally the program was completed by the compact laser series MTL.

The years are coined by a wide range of influences. At the end the economic environment leads to a take over by the present shareholders, who are holding various functions at Lasercomb.

The rapid advances in development of electronic engineering provides new technologies including, for instance, modern graphic user interfaces, linkage and integration of machines in the customers networks, remote maintenance, the switch to digital drive with predefined parameters, the use of bus systems and the naturalness of unlimited memory resources. All these developments were integrated in the machines manufactured by Lasercomb. We are constantly installing everything, which pledges customer advantages, in our machines.
Speaking precisely, we presented 2007 the milling system ProCount in this context. The ProCount system was developed for generation of high-precision counter-dies and cutting/creasing plates.
We took a step further by redesigning the drive technology for the MTL laser system so that this is our machine with the highest productivity in our product range.
For the first time Lasercomb was able to present a system with 3 kW laser performance in 2011. One year later the ProRot 3000 – a stand-alone rotary laser system – was developed.  
During that time Lasercomb realized a high speed engraving system based on a Galvo Scanner too.
The Prodigi Neo – a multifunctional digital processing center – was presented at the Drupa in 2012. Since then it’s features are extended continuously.
Since 2013 Lasercomb and their partners DieSupply and Carton Craft Supply are successfully operating on the northern american market, which leaded to the enlargement of our technology range at processing in the rotary section. Now we can provide an automation concept for following work steps. Starting with an optional additional axis for the milling process followed by the opportunity to bolt rotary axles directly and automatically together in the system.

In the end of 2015 the first flat and rotary laser system from the type PTS Neo was completed. In this system it is possible to combine automatic screwing, high speed engraving, milling in flat and rotation areas and other useful features.