The water jet cutting machine ProAquaJet automizes the manufacturing of ejected material. Our ProAquaJet 1613 enhances cutting dies by means of impeccable rubber coating.

Therefore, you can achieve a noticeable increase of productivity for punching.

The ProAquaJet has an intuitive operator guidance via a TFT colored touch screen which can be individually operated in your language. Currently, 15 different languages are available for you. The machine has an automated – manual operating mode and diagnosis functions which can be retrieved directly on the screen.

An extensive tool and material data base is provided for you which can be adjusted and complemented individually.


Faster than 100m/min (1.66m/sec.)



Additional technical features:

  • Digitally controlled Z-axis
  • Plotter control via DIN 66025 or HPGL – converter
  • Full-digital drives on every axis
  • Data transmission via network (RJ45)


For every use the optimum table size:

Your water jet cutting machine ProAquaJet can be adjusted for your requests by means of various additions. Therefor the following options are available.

Electronically adjustable swivel head

Electronical adjustment enables angled cutting by means of +/- 15° adjustment of swivel head. This option is only available for normal gantry with clearance of 45mm.

Böhler high-pressure pump (standard)

High-pressure pump Ecotron 30.08 with manual pressure control. Working pressure max. 3000 bar, flow rate 0,8 l/min.

Usually, this pump is a cost-effective and absolutely sufficient choice for the manufacturing of ejection rubbers.

Böhler high-pressure pump (optional)

High-pressure pump Ecotron 38.19 with electronical pressure control via material data base. Working pressure max. 3800 bar (1,9 l/min). Reasonable if you want to manufacture more than material for rubber coating.

Stainless steel cutting table (optional)

With the stainless steel cutting table a very high endurance can be reached in contrast to the normally installed aluminum cutting table.

Elevated gantry (Z+)

This option enables you to manufacture materials with up to 100 mm thickness.

Lowered work disk

This option enables you to manufacture materials with up to 85 mm thickness.