The plotter generation ProDigi was invented by Lasercomb especially for the high standards in the packing industry. Continuous innovations and high-tech components ensure greatest possible flexibility and operator friendliness while working with high-speed. The ProDigi system is setting new standards and provides the perfect solution for your company at an attractive price.

Intuitive control is made possible by a TFT colour touch-screen which you can handle individually in your own language – there are 15 languages available so far. The system has an automatic and a manual operating mode plus helpful diagnostic functions, which are directly callable on the display.

There is a large tool and material data base available for you, which can be adjusted and complemented for your individual needs.

Due to the digitally controlled Z-axis it is possible to store 2 separately adjustable tool positions per material and cutting head. This enables you for example to cut and scratch without idle run to change instruments.

  • Unity needs not to be disassembled
  • Machine can be operated without compressed air
  • Vacuum table with 3 vacuum areas – dialable by touch of a button
  • Automatic scanning, recording and adjusting of irregularities on the table surface
  • Complete work surface can be reached with every tool
  • Vacuum pump in the basic rack can be installed inside as well as outside
  • Main axes (X-axis, Y-axis) equipped with linear measuring systems
  • Two tangential driven C-axes
  • Two freely programmable Z-axes
  • Laserpointer for precise positioning of the tools
  • Standby position of the tools for time optimization
  • Free drive option at the end of the process
  • Low-noise belt drive
  • Two different working heights for each tool digitally adjustable
  • Adjustable penetration depth for non-destructive material use
  • Colour touch-screen control panel
  • Intuitive handling for easy and safe machine operating
  • Different zero-positions set by the operator
  • Direct controlling via several CAD workplaces
  • System can be included in the home network
  • Predefined and editable material data base
  • Extensive service and utility programs
  • Remote maintenance possible


For every use the ideal working disk size :

Since every company has different needs and requests, which can vary in the course of time, our plotter model ProDigi has a modular design. A ProDigi by Lasercomb will provide security of investment on long terms and will enable you to adjust your system in retrospect for the latest requests.

Stop bars in X- and Y- direction

Facilitated laying and adjusting of printed sheets while cutting without DigiPrintMark camera system. The stop bars can be removed easy and fast.

Application: Printed sheets, small series production

Twin drawing head

A twin drawing head can use several different coloured ball pens to make multicoloured drawings. With this option the system can be equipped with a maximum of 4 pens


Milling spindle (180 W)

A milling spindle initially developed for milling Pertinax. This option enables you to mill wood or acrylic glass and other materials by using different cutting bits.



Milling spindle up to 1000 W

These spindles are for example used to mill vacuum channels at the bottom of a cutting die. A cutting die with vacuum channels is used for example for large-size liquid crystal displays (LCD) etc.


Option Z+

With this option you will be able to work with materials up to a thickness of 50mm.

Camera system

Camera system for DigiScan or Optiscout.

Multifunctional tool heads – Specialized for your application!